September 26, 2009

the babies

I've only heard one song by the new band "The Babies" (Vivian Girl Cassie Raomone, Woods Kevin Morby and Bossy Justin Sullivan) but I can't get enough. Check the track "Meet Me in the City" over at Pitchfork

July 20, 2009

logos | atlas sound

I am in deep anticipation for the next album, Logos, by Bradford Cox aka Atlas Sound. Thanks to The Fader Magazine, you can download a track featuring Noah Lennox aka Panda

If you haven't visited the Deerhunter blog, you're missing out on some great free tracks, mixtapes and what not.

June 22, 2009

interview project

David Lynch presents one interview every three days for a year, traveling across America

June 9, 2009

l'arte del gelato logo

I love this new logo for L'arte Del Gelato, yum! View more design by Louise Fili

May 14, 2009

May 5, 2009

stitch invitations

As one search takes me here and there and "ooh, what's that?", many wonderful things are discovered. I love wedding invitations, not really because of their sentimental value, but because it's a unique opportunity to brand something, on a mini scale. All of the amazing options: screen print, letterpress, binding, sewing, stamping, on and on. If you haven't checked out Studio On Fire, they have some super original invitations that are sure to inspire, or cause you to huff about wondering why you never thought of that. Here is an example and you can view more on their site or blog or my flickr. enjoy!

May 2, 2009


Stumbled on this great The Monks documentary last night on the Sundance channel...details

April 23, 2009

pie paper cover | #00

oh my, has it been that long? I'm getting sick of looking at Beth Ditto's breasts. I must run them off the page. In internet time, this is probably old news, but very fetching nevertheless, Pie Paper #00 The Circle, a quarterly newspaper based out of Auckland.

View more pages on their webby.

February 25, 2009

love magazine

If you haven't seen the new Love Magazine (from super editor/stylist Katie Grand), here are some bits to chew on courtesy of MagCulture...

I'm doubtful that this "fashion and fame" magazine will have much longevity. But I suppose that isn't the point. I do love the handwritten touches and the design is fetching. Maybe I'll try to find a copy to paw through.

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